Friday, August 30, 2013

Have a Safe & Fun Labor Day!!

Just wanted to wish everyone a safe & fun Labor Day!!  We will be visiting with family, celebrating birthdays, & eating GF birthday cakes (posts on those to come)!! 

There has been so much going on lately & I will catch up on that soon... I have some great posts coming & look forward to sharing more recipes, reviews, tips, etc. 

We are going to attempt to make this fabulous gluten free "Easy Lemon Poppy Seed Cake"  just for fun because everybody needs some fun, right?!  I say "attempt" because it will be my first ever Bundt cake AND I am going to use a homemade mix... so I will report back how it goes.  The recipe above was posted by blogger I recently discovered... & what a treasure her blog is!! 

Oh, & you can easily make a standard gluten version by using a non-GF boxed mix. 

What will you be doing for the holiday weekend?!  Will you be indulging in any sweet treats?!

Have a fantastic weekend,
<3 Mama Lee <3