Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fun With A Phone Solicitor

We have experienced a crazy number of phone calls from solicitors.  Calls as late as 9:30p.m... you know, the kind of call that makes you think someone is hurt because NOBODY calls that late?!

I am SO very T.I.R.E.D. of rushing to the phone for solicitors... if we don't answer they just KEEP. CALLING. AND. CALLING. AND. CALLING!!  So one particular phone call I did it.. I finally baffled a solicitor!!

I honestly don't know what came over me, but after telling the millionth solicitor that we are on the "Do NOT Call List" I guess I thought I would change things up a bit.

So here is how the phone call went:

Me: Hello!?

Yes, that is our CURRENT phone... remember way back
to the days of the 900MHZ cordless phones :)?! 

Solicitor: Hello, is Mrs. Lee there?

Me: Who is calling??

Him mumbling: Uh, what?!

Me: Well YOU called ME... who is calling??

Him mumbling again: Joe from... (couldn't quite understand what company he was supposed to be with)

Me: I have been WAITING for your call!!

Him: WHAT?!

Me: I have been WAITING for YOUR call!!

Him: What?!  Uhm... uh... M'am, you have a NICE day if you have been waiting for my call...

The last line he snarked with some sarcasm & then, he did it... HE. HUNG. UP. and did NOT call back ever since!!

Insert smiley & me doing a happy dance... my kids were amazed & wanted to know what he said when I said I was waiting for his call... as soon as they heard me say those words, they all stopped & watched me... waiting to hear what I was going to sat next... LOL.

So there you go!!  Apparently I must have freaked the solicitor out because he never called back... after calling multiple times a day for months on end, in spite of my telling him we are on the "Do NOT Call List" & in spite of me filing complaints at he called mercilessly.

If you keep receiving phone calls from solicitors, why don't you try answering Mama Lee style & see if it works for you too?? Oh, & be sure to come back & tell me about it (be sure to keep it clean though as this is a family friendly blog... I am sure I don't have to say that, but for the sake of full disclosure I will ;0).

What is YOUR favorite way to answer a phone call you suspect or know is from a solicitor??  Have you ever convinced one to not call back??  What is your favorite response to end the solicitor call madness??  A friend of mine used to answer the phone "Insane asylum, please hold..."... yep, true story!!