Thursday, February 14, 2013


Welcome, everyone!!

Thank you for joining me on my new blog.  For some years I have been encouraged to write my own blog, by friends & family... while I have always been very flattered that you think so highly of what I have to share, I have not felt I ever had the time.  No, I have not found any extra time, per se, but recently I have decided I would give blogging a try, just spending a few minutes here or there, as my "me" time.  I have felt God wanting me to share some of what He has allowed me to learn over the past several years, so we'll see how it goes. 

This sums up my season of life about now! LOL

Anybody who knows me, knows my "me" time usually consists of me going shopping for groceries, attending a mom's meeting, etc. while toting my little nursling along.... & more often than not, the others too!!  Since I have whittled down the shopping trips every month (by bulk buying), I will use some of that time "saved" to blog.  It will be a creative outlet for me to share what we do, & for you to share what YOU do too!!  So, I am going to give blogging a shot & see where it takes us (you & me)!!

If things go well, I'd like to be able to provide recipes, chit-chat, reviews, giveaways, & lots more, but 1st I need to build up my readers before people & companies will want to take a chance on my blog by offering giveaways.  So, PLEASE remember to comment on the posts... it not only provides encouragement & feedback to me, it inspires ideas for future posts & tells business owners that they have a chance at reaching prospective clients when they see that people follow AND participate in this blog.  I'll share what we do in our home & you share too!!  Much of what I have learned has been from my mama friends IRL, some very talented family members, & from other bloggers.  I LOVE sharing what I have learned, what has worked for us & what hasn't, and hearing from others.

This blog adventure is as much about you & yours, as it is about me & mine... hence the name,
"All Things Mine & Yours"..

A blog by me, for us!!

Now let the fun begin!!

It's your turn to tell me some things you'd like to read about... this week some of the things I made are yogurt, buttermilk, kombucha tea, water kefir, and gluten free chicken & dumpling soup... what did YOU do this week??  Did you try any new recipes??  Do you have special food needs, such as gluten free, dairy free, etc??  What are some things you want to learn how to do/make??  I have lots of things I plan on trying to make as soon as I can... like lip balm, body butter/balm, diaper cream (can also be used as hand cream), cookies, granola, flower clips, etc.  Do you have any plans to make something??