Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Hi!  I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that someone recently called my house claiming to be from Microsoft, stating that I have a Trojan virus.  Mr. Lee answered the phone so I was a bit confused as to who was on the phone when he handed it to me, but I felt it was a scam so I started asking questions… lots of them.  He then asked me to go to my computer & I declined telling him I thought it was a scam, said thank you (in case it wasn’t a scam), & hung up. 

After having time to process it all, I realized that if Microsoft called me, then it would not say “unavailable” on caller ID, 2nd how would MS know I had a virus, & 3rd I have AV software & it finds no virus of any kind.  Just to be sure my intuition was right I Googled & sure enough, it was a SCAM!  Apparently they have gotten money from some unsuspecting people. 

This is just one post about the scam, but it gives some good info:

These guys really know what they are doing & can catch you off guard.  I figured I’d share my experience so others aren’t caught off guard too. 

Have these scammers already called you??  Have you heard of this scam before now??

Have a great rest of your week,
<3 Mama Lee <3