Thursday, September 12, 2013

Helpful Hints!! Goodwill Donation Guide, PayPal shipping, & Control + F

I hope everyone had a fabulous Labor Day!! 

We had a great holiday weekend... & right now we still have so much going on.  One thing to keep me extra busy it that our computer unexpectedly tanked.  By God's grace I had **most** of it backed up, but it has been quite a maze trying to get some things recovered and transferred.  Some things just will not transfer so I am trying to work around that, if at all possible.  I have been working fast & furiously trying to get things all set up once again on the new computer, while also learning a new operating system (we chose Windows 7... don't even get me started on Windows 8... sigh...). 

I saw this & it actually made me LOL LOL, so I had to share it!
In the mix we've also celebrated some birthdays, been busy with family from out of town, had colds, etc.  The kids are back in school, so that adds to the busy season of life as well.  Once we get all settled in & adjust to our new schedule, it won't seem so crazy.

Anyway, while working on trying to set up the new computer I have come across a few random tips & links I have found useful so I wanted to share them:

1. This is a link to a chart you can use to estimate the value of donated items to Goodwill:

It can help you decide if that garage sale is really worth having instead of donating & writing off the donation.

2. For anybody who mails packages, books, etc. here is a link to print a handy label via PayPal where you don't need to receive a payment 1st to be able to print the label.  I use this link pretty much every time I ship something because it is very convenient with the tracking info in your PayPal account, you can email the recipient to let them know a package is on the way, & you can pay easily with your payment methods. 

You DO need a PayPal account to use it:

3. One of my brothers told me about using this beauty of a shortcut in Google Chrome.  I found that you can use it outside of Google Chrome too, SCORE!!  It can even be used within some documents (depending upon your software the document was written in), on various websites, etc.  It is FANTASTIC & a great time saver!!

So what is it?!  All you do is hit "Ctrl" + "F" at the same time & a search box will come up.  In the search box you enter the word you are searching for & it will show the first time it is in said document, on that webpage, etc.  Hit the "enter" key & It will skip to the next time that word is used... keep hitting "enter" until you have found what you are looking for.

Your turn:

What computer time saving tips do you know of??  Do you go to the post office or print shipping labels from home??  If from home, how do you print your shipping labels??  Do you find having a garage sale is worth the effort & time, or are you in MY camp & think donating is the way to go??