Tuesday, May 7, 2013

HELLO Spring!!

A quick note to touch base... we are FINALLY having spring here & have so much to do all of a sudden this week with the weather breaking (seemingly for good... I hope?!)!! 

I am also hard at work testing out some products I have been graciously sent for reviews... in fact I spent several hours trying one of the fabulous products out yesterday & will be continuing to test it out over the next 3-4 weeks (& I am in LOVE with it, so I am thinking I will be using it quite often for the next several years to come, too.. or at least until my youngest outgrows it).  I also have some other yummy goodies to dive into (literally, as they are bath products... can't wait)... so. much. fun!! 

Right now we are working on some handmade Mother's Day gifts for grandmas & have to get them done so they will arrive in time.  I will sign off for now & will be back soon!

How will you spend your Mother's Day, whether you are a mama, aunt, grandma, sister, friend... or even a man (YES, I DO have male readers!! LOL)??  

I am looking forward to time w/my family & enjoying the nice weather... & hoping for something edible... maybe in my favorite color... chocolate!! LOL  I may be into health, but let me tell you, chocolate is one way to derail me... & I don't discriminate... I like pretty much ALL chocolate... yes, even the less than healthy kinds!  

Hey, I can't help it... it is in my genes... just ask Grandma... she has candy hidden in her little cubbies, drawers, shelves, desk, etc.  SHE has taught me well... minus the having it hidden everywhere... I can't do that anymore because I know have kids who will find it... I have had to sharpen my skills & hide it other places... problem with that is I hide them so well, I even forget where I hid my treats!  Yes, true story... sigh... unfortunately!! LOL  Hey, just keeping it real even if I make myself look silly, no?!     

Do YOU make anything for any blessed ladies in your life for Mother's Day??  Will you be staying home?? working outside?? spending time w/others??  relaxing alone??   

How is YOUR weather?? Is it gardening time??  If so, what are you planting?? herbs?? veggies?? fruit??