Saturday, May 18, 2013

Healthy Orange Slushy

We love our cold desserts around here... slushies, ice cream, & sorbet, which we can make because we have a Vitamix.  I am confident you can make this slushy in a standard blender though, so no worries if you don't have a Vitamix or other blender of that type.  I typically try to use honey to make the recipe w/out refined sugar, but you can just as easily use white sugar, succanat, stevia, agave, etc.


1. 1 1/2 peeled oranges (you can also use lemons, strawberries, etc. but this time of year we tend to have oranges in the fridge.. if using something other than oranges use an amount that would be closest to 1 1/2 average size oranges; also I do NOT remove any seeds because the VM pulverizes them, so you may want to remove them if your blender won't break them down unless you don't mind spitting them out like watermelon seeds... summer fun, no?!)

2. 2-4 cups of ice cubes (I start w/less & add more if needed until I reach the desired taste & consistency depending upon how many servings I am trying to make)

3. 1/3-1/2 cup of honey (I try to use as little of a sweetener as possible when making anything, even when using honey or another "healthy" type of sweetener simply because it is still a sugar & while it is a healthier one it still affects our blood sugar, etc. so I tend to use as little as possible... if you use white sugar, you will need closer to the 1/2 cup of sugar)

4. 2-4 cups of water (or as needed)... I usually start w/approximately 2 cups & then add more as needed to get the desired taste & consistency depending upon how many servings I am trying to make.


Add ice, water, & orange (or other fruit) to the blender container in any order.  Then add the honey last so it doesn't get stuck in the bottom of the blender container... (just trust me on this one, okay?!). 

Blend everything together until the ice is pulverized & it reaches your desired consistency. 

Pour into glasses, mugs, bowls, etc. & serve!


I like to serve it in coffee mugs because it makes it easier to hold onto a cold drink without our hands getting cold in a mug with a handle... and call me lazy but I also like to be able to put the mugs in the dishwasher so I don't have to hand wash any extra dishes beyond what I already have to, which I can't do with a plastic cup.

Makes about 6-8 mugs of yummy, icy fun!! 

Do YOU have a favorite slushy recipe??  Do you make any frozen drinks to cool down in the warm weather??  Will you try this one??