Friday, November 15, 2013

Follow Up: Fun With A Phone Solicitor

YIKES!!  Three weeks have gone by since my last post.  I am still here, just even busier than usual.  We have some new things going on in our lives that have changed up our schedules, so we are now adjusting to a new "normal"... whatever "normal" means!! LOL  In addition to all of the activity craziness, I am now in birthday & Christmas mode, which entails making gifts for grandparents & great-grandparents, my children, Mr. Lee, etc.  Yes, busy, busy!!

Back to my post... one day my kids & I were sitting here when the phone rang.  Let me back up for a moment... a couple of nights prior to the phone ringing one of my children told me about a "stunt" they had read about in a book they thoroughly enjoy reading, The Best of Stuntology (NOT an affiliate link; it's just there for your enjoyment to check out the fun read :).  So 2 days later the phone rang.  I was actually sitting near it and could answer it.  I could plainly see it was a solicitor phone call & wasn't going to answer it at first... that is until I realized I had IMPORTANT research to do for my loyal blog readers.

If you recall my previous post Fun With A Phone Solicitor my loyal readers shared some tips about how to handle the pesky, annoying, intrusive phone calls.  While I LOVED one idea about handing the phone to a toddler, I realized that would probably not be ieal for my family because my youngest (who is able to talk on the phone) would probably say something I didn't want to be made public (not anything bad, but even something as innocent as a name and age) & that information could be misconstrued by someone falsely assuming my child was home alone.  I really didn't want to go there, so I opted for letting ME have fun on the phone instead.

The "stunt" involves answering the phone by speaking while not moving your tongue.  I chose to keep it down behind my bottom teeth & the words came out quite interesting, to say the least.  Here is how the phone call went... mind you my children were all staring at me wide-eyed wondering what on earth I was up to... the scene was quite hysterical because not only was I trying to keep my act up, but I was also trying not to laugh hysterically seeing my children's faces.

ME: Hewooohhhh!!

Solicitor: Uhm, is Miss Lewis there??


S: Uh, is Miss Lewis there??

ME: You have the wong numbah...


ME: You have the wong numbah!!

S: Uh, uh...

ME: WHAT?!  I can't heaaaaarrrrr yooooouhh!!!



No more calls from them... so far... we HAVE received numerous other automated solicitor phone calls, but none from actual live people... yet.  I am kind of looking forward to the next one.

I must say, the best part of it all, in addition to them FINALLY not calling me back at least 2-3 times a week for as long as I can remember, was the look on my children's faces.  When I hung up the phone there were high 5's & such excitement that Mama tried a "stunt" told to her by one of her children... who says parents don't listen & kids don't have good ideas?!

Well, I'd better run & get back to my exciting world of creating personalized gifts, amongst all of the everyday things already going on.  Speaking of which, on a side note... I am getting much better at creating said items, so I am hoping it won't take as long this year.  I make a whopping 18-20 personalized photo calendars that I design 100% on my own which I make with several different date sets, because while my family likes Mr. Lee's side of the family & vice versa, we don't all celebrate the same birthdays, etc.

I print them out at home on quality card stock bought at a warehouse store or Wal-Mart and purchase refurbished ink cartridges to bring the production cost way down.  I hand punch the hanging holes & the slots for binding combs, then I bind them at home too before packing them up to mail out.

Several years ago I was asked what I wanted for Christmas by my mom-in-law & I responded with, "A comb binder!!"  Not every woman hates gadgets & appliances as gifts... I much prefer underwear (the good kind that don't go in places they shouldn't... like Fruit of the Loom or Hanes Her Way, bikini style... the ONLY time I wear bikini anything! LOL :), measuring spoons, pots & pans, paper cutters, & hole punchers to jewelry, candy, flowers, etc. any day.  I am not a high maintenance woman, which I know Mr. Lee appreciates.  He isn't a high maintenance guy either, which I appreciate!!

Back to work...

<3 Mama Lee <3

Has your fall schedule gotten crazier than usual??  Have you had any fun with phone solicitors??  Are you making any Christmas presents??  Have you started shopping yet??  What kinds of things are YOU doing this time of year??  

Please share w/me & my readers what is going on in YOUR lives!!