Friday, December 20, 2013

EASIEST Broth EVER (Allergy Friendly)!!

I have come to love my crockpots dearly... & I now have 3 of them, after only having one for several years... yet all the while I really could have used 3 of them because I pretty much always using mine!

I have a 6 qt oval, a 6 quart round (it actually has 3 crocks to the set... so a 2 qt, 4 qt, & 6 qt, but I almost never use the med or sm ones, at least not for cooking but I do find myself using them to ferment pickles, etc.), & a 4 quart round.

One thing I have read over & over about is "old fashioned" bone broth & how healing it is to one's gut.  Healing the gut is especially important for anyone trying to heal their gut from damage caused by a food intolerance, medication, etc.

So here you go... the EASIEST broth ever.. seriously, it IS!!  If you don't have a crock pot you can make it stove top & simmer it on low for several hours (or less time if you need it ready sooner), but will obviously have to watch it more closely.


- chicken or turkey carcass, beef bones, fish heads & scraps, etc.
- water
- vinegar (optional)
- salt (optional)
- herbs (optional)


  1.  If using poultry or smaller beef bones, crack them open w/pliers or your hand to allow the marrow to seep into the broth - that's good stuff!
  2. Once cracked open put your carcass (the skin, fat, fatty meat, etc. that you wouldn't normally eat), drippings (from cooking the chicken or turkey originally if you don't use them all up for gravy, etc.), and bones (or fish heads & fish scraps, which don't require cracking open to my knowledge) into your crockpot (size can vary, don't stress about it at all!)
  3. Add water to about an inch below the rim of the crockpot (or stock pot)
  4. Add 1-2 TBSP of vinegar (white or apple cider both work) to draw the nutrients out of the bones; can omit if desired
  5. Add some salt, if desired (I tend to add the salt to the meal I am making from the broth instead of while making the actual broth, unless we will be drinking the broth as-is)
  6. Herbs, if desired (I usually add mine & let them sit in the broth for about 5 minutes before serving the broth after I shut the crockpot or stove off, which helps them not to get overcooked to the point where there is no flavor imparted from them)
  7. Turn the crockpot on low or high for several hours until is reaches the desired taste, color, etc. 
  8. Once finished strain out the carcass, bones, skin, etc; if you have pets be sure to break the bones up, they will crumble easily between your fingers if you squeeze them after they have simmered, but if they don't crumble easily do NOT give them any pet so as not to create an impalement or choking hazard.
  9.  ENJOY!!  

Didn't I tell you it's super easy?!  Ahhhhh, REAL broth ready to drink as-is or to be used in a soup, casserole, gravy, etc.!!

- There is no right or wrong really to the size of crock pot, etc.  You will find what works for you after making it a time or two.  I tend to let mine simmer for 12-24 hours in a crockpot. 

- If you want it to gel once it cools, then use less water.  If you don't care about it thickening up, then feel free to use more water freely.  

- If you desire the broth to gel up but want to make a lot of broth, you could also use 2-3 carcasses if using a smaller roasting bird (in order to have 2-3 at the same time, you can freeze the carcasses after you  until you have however many you want & throw them right into the crockpot frozen; I would break the bones open BEFORE freezing though to avoid trying to break open frozen bones)

<3 Mama Lee <3

Do YOU make broth from scratch??  Have YOU ever made bone broth??  What is YOUR favorite broth to make??  

Be sure to come back & let me know how you like your broth!!