Saturday, July 20, 2013

REVIEW: Tinnitus Miracle by Thomas Coleman

I am both honored & excited to tell you about the e-book, Tinnitus Miracle, by Thomas Coleman.  While Thomas Coleman is not a doctor, his book is jammed full of well researched information.  He not only gives ideas of things you can take to try to lessen or reverse tinnitus (certain vitamins, herbs, etc.) NATURALLY, he also tells why & what their functions are, as well as discusses a possible dietary connection for some people.  There are so many ideas & things to try to combat tinnitus listed in this book, I feel a renewed sense of hope in reducing or eliminating my own tinnitus.

I have found that just because someone doesn't have M.D. after their name doesn't mean they can't be highly educated in something.  I know I personally know more about breastfeeding than 80-90% of doctors, nurses, & other health professionals.  No, I am NOT Mama Lee, M.D., but I have spent years researching, talking to others, & also learn from my own experiences over the past several years. 

Most people will not even give a backward glance to any advice, ideas, etc. from anyone but an M.D., which I find very sad because there is so much information to be had in our age of technology.  I have also found that quite often there is no better source of information than someone who has walked your walk, and didn't want to just settle for popping pills or giving up.  Sometimes there is no amount of schooling that can compete with that. 

This book is the result of someone else's quest for answers outside the box... from someone else who wanted not to just put a band-aid on his affliction by popping some pills and calling it a day.  Meet Mr. Thomas Coleman! 

Tinnitus Miracle was a FANTASTIC read!!  It is also an easy read because it flows & it just makes a whole lot of sense.  I felt like Mr. Coleman was speaking right TO me & ABOUT me in some paragraphs.  He surely understands tinnitus & has some incredible information to share about it.  This book is very in depth, yet not dry in the least bit.

Since reading his book, Tinnitus Miracle, I have been trying some of the things he mentions in his book.  I will also be trying more things as time goes on, if one of the previous things I've tried doesn't make a difference.  My tinnitus is more complicated than straightforward tinnitus as I have other auditory issues, but I do feel renewed hope after reading this excellent book!!

It is priceless to have so much information in one resource.  This book is a compilation of several years of Mr. Coleman's research & experience while on a journey to cure his own tinnitus.  If you or a loved one suffers from tinnitus, this is a MUST read!!

Do YOU or a loved one have tinnitus??  If so, what have you tried to combat it??  Have you lost hope??  Well, you can recharge your tank & find oodles of fantastic information in this book!!  I look forward to sharing my experience with using the natural supplements, etc. discussed in depth in Tinnitus Miracle. 

Have YOU read Tinnitus Miracle??  Check out the testimonials & the site for more information!  It is on special for $37, & is normally $69.99.

Mr. Thomas Coleman provided a copy of his e-book for my review.  My unbiased review is based upon my experience with it, & was not influenced by any outside factor.  I have not been compensated in any way for my review.